UVLS Scheme

To safeguard the Regional Power System from low frequency operation, to insulate the Regional Grid from the exigencies due to low voltage problem, Under Voltage Load Shedding Scheme has been implemented as per the decision of 3rd NRPC meeting held on 10.11.2006 at Mussoorie.

  • UP has installed UVRs at 19 places with 190 kV and 5 second delay, and has planned 829 MW relief.
  • Punjab has 3 nos of UVRs set at 200 KV with a time delay of 10 seconds with a load relief of 295 MW at Moga, Malerkotla and Ablowal s/stn.
  • Uttrakhand has one UVR installed at Rishikesh set with 190 kV. Planned relief is 30-60 MW.
  • Delhi has one UVR installed at 400 kV Baumnauli with 360 kV with delay 10-15 sec delay. The planned relief is 50-100 MW.