• To undertake Regional Level operation analysis for improving grid performance.
  • To facilitate inter-state/inter-regional transfer of power.
  • To facilitate all functions of planning relating to inter-state/ intra-state transmission system with CTU/STU.
  • To coordinate planning of maintenance of generating machines of various generating companies of the region including those of inter-state generating companies supplying electricity to the Region on annual basis and also to undertake review of maintenance programme on monthly basis.
  • To undertake planning of outage of transmission system on monthly basis.
  • To undertake operational planning studies including protection studies for stable operation of the grid.
  • To undertake planning for maintaining proper voltages through review of reactive compensation requirement through system study committee and monitoring of installed capacitors.
  • To evolve consensus on all issues relating to economy and efficiency in the operation of power system in the region.

Role of RPC as per IEGC

Certification of transmission system availability factor for regional AC and HVDC transmission systems separately for the purpose of payment of transmission charges

Preparation of monthly Regional Energy Account (REA), weekly unscheduled interchange account, reactive energy account, and congestion charge account, based on data provided by RLDC, and renewable regulatory charge account based on data provided by SLDC/RLDC of the State/Region.